Dr. Conrad Salinas

Dr. Conrad Salinas, MD received his medical degree from UCLA and has been practicing medicine for over 32-years in
Southern California. Dr. Salinas currently holds specialties in Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, General Surgery,
Longevity Medicine and serves as a combat surgeon (Colonel) in the Army National Guard. Throughout his tenure in medicine,
he’s questioned the status-quo of modern medicine, challenged colleagues to think beyond the current Pharma-centric model,
and has redefined medicine as we know.. 911 BioCare Wellness & Longevity Center is the byproduct of his 32-years of work!


Pioneers In Online Treatment For Wellness, HRT and Weight Loss

911 Biocare TeleMD’s protocols and therapies are a result of our 10-years of clinical experience coupled with research and advances in biotechnology. We offer patients the
medical treatments, both online and in-person, which combine both mainstream medicine and alternative medicine in order to provide the benefits of a vibrant lifestyle and
extended lifespan.

We provide Board-Certified Physicians to you who can treat low hormones, wellness issues, and weight loss help by delivering comprehensive care directly to you, wherever
you are in the home, office… Literally, anywhere. We offer consistent quality and patient-centered medical care to your mobile device or desktop, with our Online Video Platform.

The 911 Biocare TeleMD Approach and Process

Our approach to eHRT, and other online wellness care is all about breaking down the walls of an office and supporting your health wherever you are. Our board-certified physicians
are available on your schedule.

Schedule a call with one of our providers to see if hormone therapy or our weight loss program is right for you before committing to any expense. Attend your appointments on any internet-based device. Video directly with our medical professionals at your own comfort and convenience. Gain access to medical experts without having to travel to an office.



Schedule a call with one of our providers to see if hormone replacement therapy is right for you before committing to any expense. Attend your appointments  on any internet-based device. You will meet with our Provider anywhere you want to via our Online Video Platform. Gain access to medical experts without having to travel to an office. We will review and discuss your symptoms, past medical history, and treatment options that best fit your needs.


We can use a current physical from your primary care physician if you have been seen in the last 12 months. If you have never had Hormone Replacement Therapy before, our provider will order a Comprehensive Hormone Panel (Tests available in our Clinic or at one of our partner facilities). The cost of the labs averages $150-$200.

Continuation: If you have been on treatment before OR have had previous labs (the past 60-days) that show your levels, we can onboard you for our Hormone Replacement Therapy quickly.


During your evaluation, we conduct a thorough discussion about your health history and review the results of your labs. As appropriate, a treatment plan will be developed and recommended for you. After this initial evaluation, if your hormone levels come back low,  we will ship your prescription or
call a pharmacy of your choice. The treatment regimens are personalized to fit your busy
schedule and needs.

We also ensure that your levels and weight loss progression continue to be monitored throughout your treatment, which we recommend to be done once every 3-6 months
depending on your personal treatment plan.

eHRT Telemedicine Is Both Safe And Effective

A recent study shows that patients score lower for depression, anxiety, and stress, and have 38% fewer hospital admissions using online video consultations. 74% of patients prefer easy access to services over in-person visits with healthcare providers. For every 100,000 patients in Rural America, there are only 43 specialists available… We are here to fix that.

Security and Privacy for your personal information is our #1 priority. We provide fully HIPAA compliant telemedicine via secure-private video conferencing. We abide by each state’s law – Senate Bill and Occupations Code on Telemedicine and Telehealth. Find out more in our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.



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