What is an Interventional Pain Physician?

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What is an Interventional Pain Physician?

Many patients often ask me, “What is an interventional pain physician?” The majority of interventional pain physicians are anesthesiologists, physiatrists (rehabilitation physicians), or neurologists who obtain additional fellowship training after residency.

We are specialists who utilize a multifaceted treatment plan that may include minimally invasive procedures, injection therapy, and a medicinal strategy to help patients with chronic or acute pain. When searching for a pain physician, a patient needs to look for credentials that indicate additional fellowship training and board certification.

At 911 BioCare Centers our pain management physicians, are not only fellowship trained, but are also board certified in interventional pain management. When consulting with an interventional pain physician, a patient should expect to undergo a thorough medical history and physical, additional diagnostic testing, and imaging studies.

Once a diagnosis is determined, a treatment plan may include physical therapy, chiropractic care, and anti-inflammatory or nerve pain medicines. This may be followed by various minimally invasive interventions including nerve blocks, injections, and procedures such as lumbar decompression. We also utilize the latest technology in pain management treatments, such as neuromodulation, also known as spinal stimulation. I prefer taking a multidisciplinary approach to treating pain. This means incorporating a specific patient’s pain management plan with the expert practitioners that their case needs. This can include physical therapy, chiropractic care, neurology, rheumatology, and other specialists. This team approach is the most effective in treating complicated pain conditions.

For more information contact concerning our interventional pain management services 911 BioCare Centers at 855-901-0911.

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