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Vitamin D3

More people have become aware of the research which supports the benefits of maintaining good D3 levels in the blood.  In addition, the majority of patients we see are on the low end of the range when D3 levels are tested. WebMD states that vitamin D deficiency is more common than we thought.  Many people are too busy to get outside to get enough sunlight, a primary source for D3, not to mention have the motivation to add yet another daily taken pill/capsule to their lives.   It is good to know that physicians are now prescribing a specific dosage of D3 which only needs to be taken once per week.  It can be taken by capsule or sublingual troche at dosages between 25,000iu to 50,000iu.   Since D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin it stores in your body requiring less frequent dosing, but this also means that levels can become toxic if too much is taken.  At these higher dosages it is both important to test your blood levels and be sure you obtain the D3 from a high quality source, since over the counter versions can vary in strengths despite what is written on the label.  In other words, you do not want to take 5 capsules of over the counter D3 once per week.  It is also very important to ask your doctor for a blood test to see if there is even a need to supplement D3.

To help our patients become more compliant with taking their D3 we have started offering sublingual troches and capsules which are taken once weekly, depending on lab tests.  Lab tests are available to anyone and all tests results are digitally reviewed by a US licensed medical doctor.  Dosage recommendations will be based on your test results.  All sublingual troches and capsules are made at US licensed specialty pharmacies.  A prescription for your order will be generated and sent to the pharmacy who is making your vitamin D3, this process is automated.

For more information contact 911 BioCare Centers at 855-901-0911.

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