Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland in the brain. It regulates the circadian rhythm as well as┬áregulates the deep stages of sleep. It is in these deep stages of sleep that our immune system is stimulated. A recentbook published called The Melatonin Miracle regarded the pineal gland as a maser regulator of the endocrine system and, as such, controls most of the immune systems responses. The pineal gland controls the activities of virtually every cell in the body affecting such diverse functions as reproduction, body temperature, kidney function, immunity, sleep, growth and development. The pineal gland uses melatonin to maintain the body’s balance, equilibrium and homeostasis.

The pineal gland’s primary role is to control the production and use of energy throughout the body through the release of melatonin and perhaps other compounds. The pineal directs energy production so that it goes where it is needed at precisely the right time, whether it is needed to repair or respond to injury or make hormones, enzymes or antibodies. In summary, melatonin directs the cells in the body to do whatever it takes to keep the body running and in a state of homeostasis. On January 16, 1997 the New England Journal of Medicine published the most extensive review about melatonin that has ever been published in a conventional medical journal. This article extolled many of the virtues of melatonin including the powerful antioxidant effects, the potential benefit in preventing and treating cancer, its immune enhancing properties, its potential to slow aging and its ability to promote better sleep and avoid jet lag. Melatonin has been shown to have a role in the biologic regulation of circadian rhythms, sleep, mood, reproduction, tumor growth and aging. As with DHEA, there have been hundreds of studies published showing the tremendous beneficial effects of melatonin. If published scientific studies show a natural hormone supplement can boost immune function, scavenge free radicals, fight cancer, induce youthful sleep patterns, and possibly slow the aging process, then we feel that most people should be taking melatonin as a supplement.

Melatonin is sold over the counter without a prescription. As stated before, however, you’re not totally assured that you will be receiving the highest quality product when purchasing it over the counter. Most of the melatonin that is produced for over the counter use is a “crushed” glandular or extract. Many of these extracts contain contaminants and are not pure. We only provide 100% U.S. pharmaceutical grade melatonin via a prescription.

An intriguing sideline to melatonin is its ability to reduce nocturia, or urinary frequency at night. Many men think that they have prostate problems because they awaken to urinate, although they usually urinate small amounts. Melatonin usually abolishes this nighttime awakening with the urge to urinate which in turn “cures” the supposed prostate problem. And, yes, it is equally effective in women.

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