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If you have something other than an HMO you should have a good chance of getting reimbursement. We do not take or file insurance. However, we will give you paperwork and paid receipts etc., to support you submitting a claim to your insurance company.
Yes! Many patients of the 911 program have leveraged the tax benefits of a FSA. If you are considering this option, remember to budget appropriately for your estimated costs over the course of a year (including lab testing and any prescriptions that may be prescribed).
Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is the science of replenishing hormones that are no longer being adequately produced by the body. Much of aging is caused by deficiencies in many of the hormones that our bodies once produced in abundance.
While this varies with each person, many people feel changes within just a few days. You can expect to see significant results within 4 to 6 weeks after starting a program.
In the typical man, hormones start to decline in the mid to late twenties. By age 35 declines are sufficient that symptoms may be evident. The best time to start replacing hormones is between age 35 and 40. However it is never too late. We have men in their 80s that have found a new life.
Although sexual dysfunction can have many causes, replacing hormones is one of the best places to start treatment. Our restorative Hormone Therapy Programs have been found to fix over 90% of problems of sexual dysfunction and will have you eagerly performing at optimum levels. Rarely will there be a need to supplement our effective programs, but you may safely take additional performance supplements along with one of our programs.
If you should elect to stop, you will not experience sudden accelerated aging. Your body simply will begin to age again at a normal rate, and the benefits you have achieved will gradually fade over time.
Yes! This is not a fanciful search for the fountain of youth. It is medical science at it best. It is board certified doctors using sophisticated lab tests and treatment protocols developed and used over several years to produce life-altering results. We have patients tell us there was life before and after marriage, before and after children and now life before and after hormone therapy.
Hormones are not drugs and it is unlikely they will react with other medications. In fact, some medications may no longer be needed. For example, research has shown that many people no longer need antidepressants once their hormones are restored to a healthy level. Address any other concerns with our qualified physician.
No, our physician concierge services, including lab fees, start at $175/month plus medications.
Many of our clients comment on the fact that their dollar income is up 15% to 20% because of improved metal and physical energy and enthusiasm. They also have energy for their family at the end of the day and their partner at night.
When hormones are replaced correctly there should be no negative side effects.
Hormones can be replaced separately or in any combination. Better results are obtained by taking a combination of hormones. You can judge the cost versus benefit of testosterone in about 4 to 6 weeks and growth hormone in 3 to 6 months. Replacing testosterone, thyroid and DHEA is what we call a brainer benefits far out way costs.